Tips For Renovating A Small Bathroom

Older homes are often full of charm, but they require a little more TLC than a new house. They will probably also need a little renovation to make them comfortable by modern standards. Old houses tend to be drafty, they’re low on closet space, and they often have bathrooms that are much smaller than what modern homeowners are used to. If you’re remodeling an older house, you may choose to knock down a wall to enlarge a bathroom renovation design, but there are also some creative ways to make the space you have more comfortable and attractive. If you’re looking for small bathroom design ideas on a budget, consider the following expert tips.


First of all, open up the space visually. Install one large mirror above the sink to create an illusion of space. In general, light colors for your cabinetry and walls will help to open up the room, though a dark wall behind a mirror can also seem to recede. A glass shower door rather than a colored curtain will also help to make the space seem more generous. Changing a colored curtain to a clear or translucent curtain is a simple bathroom renovation that can make a noticeable improvement.

Storage space in a small bathroom is very important. Consider adding a cabinet that is recessed into the wall. If that’s a possibility with your construction, it’s a great space-saving trick. You can also install custom-built cabinets that are shallower than what you can buy pre-made. A pedestal sink is generally not a good choice for a small bathroom because it doesn’t include a cabinet underneath; a sink cabinet is much more practical.

Light is a very important consideration in a small bathroom. Maximize natural light by cleaning your window and using a white or very light-colored curtain for privacy if needed. Adding a skylight can maximize natural light and privacy. In addition, think about task lighting, that is, lighting for specific areas like the shower and the mirror. If possible, use lighting on either side of the mirror to eliminate shadows. If there isn’t space, use a single light above that is at least 150 watts. Recessed lighting can work well in the shower, and accent lighting can highlight decorative features. Use a bright white light for your overhead lighting.

Proper ventilation is especially important to consider in bathroom renovation for small bathrooms. Try installing a fan that works on a timer. The exhaust fan should run while water is running in the bathroom and for at least 15 minutes afterwards to clear the air of moisture and minimize the growth of mold and mildew. For more ideas, contact Perth bathroom renovators who can help you make the best of a small bathroom.